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The Barbados Hospice is an independent initiative that welcomes funds from individuals, organizations or corporations. Your support is urgently needed to build this facility. Every year, hundreds of Barbadians and other West Indians needing hospice services have to rely on family members or nursing home care that isn't specific to their needs. The Barbados Hospice will provide patient-centered, compassionate, end-of-life care in a peaceful, pastoral setting. All donations are welcome. 

Ways to Give

Planned gifts offer you smart  and creative ways to increase your impact, often while benefiting your family, too!



    Donations to the Barbados Hospice and Palliative Care Initiative continue to come in and are greatly needed. The Barbados Cancer Association USA (BACA), Inc. has played a major role in raising funds for BDC USA to advance the initiative. Barbadian organizations, businesses and individuals in the US diaspora continue to be supportive.



    BDC USA is committed to reaching out and working with all stakeholders to advance the development of the Barbados Hospice Initiative. We encourage all Barbadian organizations, corporations, donor agencies, foundations, businesses and individuals in the diaspora as well as the government of Barbados to support this worthy initiative.


    Barbados Diaspora Collaborative needs sponsors and partners to turn our vision for a residential hospice facility in Barbados into reality. Your support will bring us one step closer to providing compassionate, sensitive, end-of-life care for Barbadians and other residents.  

    Please contact us at or call us at (866) 519-2226 to see how you can contribute.

Please contact us at or call us at (866) 519-2226 to see how you can contribute.

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